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Now Available: Chronic Illness & Cancer Treatment
Full Extract Cannabis Oil - Aka: RSO "Rick Simspon Oil"

ABC News: A father gives his terminal toddler, battling brain cancer (stage 3), Medical Marijuana Cannabis Oil.
Cannabis oil gets him off chemotherapy and heals his son.


CNN Special: Dr Sanjay Gupta's "WEED".

"Run From the Cure" a 2008 documentary film focused on Rick Simpson & the medical use of Cannabis Oil.

RSO testimonials

If you've been diagnosed with cancer, could there be more than hope?

Cancer survivor, Rick Simpson of Phoenix Tears ( has discovered a method for healing cancer by ingesting concentrated cannabinoids, now commonly referred to as“RSO” or “Rick Simpson Oil”. RSO is an edible whole food. It is not a smokable hash oil, but a full extract that contains everything from the cannabis plant including the chlorophyll. It is not taken for a psychoactive high. Cannabis Extract Oil is medicine. Our patients said they only experience a slight body buzz, accompanied with relaxation, appetite, and improved well-being.

"Ingesting 60 grams of cannabis oil, over a 90 day period, will usually cure most serious cancers. If the patient has been badly damaged by chemotherapy and radiation, the patient can often still be saved. However, such patients will require 120 to 180 grams to undo the chemo and radiation damage." - Rick Simpson

Cell membranes in the human body are naturally equipped with cannabinoid receptors which, when activated by cannabinoids protect cells against viruses, harmful bacteria, cancer, and other malignancies. Cannabinoids are found in human breast milk and in medical marijuana.

Full Extract Cannabis Oil promotes full body healing and raises melatonin levels thousands of times higher than normal. When the pineal gland produces vast amounts of melatonin, it causes no harm to the body but it is very hard on the condition you are suffering from and indeed can eliminate it.

RSO has already healed many people in miraculous ways. Not limited to a cancer cure, cannabis oil has also healed those suffering from Chrons Syndrome, Gout, Autoimmune Disease, and more. Please research it for yourself. Search YouTube: Marijuana Cures Cancer and you'll find many positive testimonies.

I've already lost 2 friends to cancer. I've witnessed the slow, drawn out, painful, deadly horrifying, side effects of radiation “therapy” and stressful hospital bills. They have become my inspiration. If I am ever in need, I will take Full Extract Cannabis Oil myself and proudly give it to my loved ones. If terminal, I'd rather die naturally, than die from the horrifying side effects of radiation damage. Better yet, I'd rather heal completely.

If you are a registered MMMP Card holding patient, interested in RSO, we'd love to help you.

Along with cannabis oil, we love the “Gerson Cancer Therapy”( The Gerson Therapy is a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements.

Throughout the healing process, we can be your personal chef. We can design, prepare, & provide foods specifically to heal you.

The universe naturally provides us with all that we need.

Much Love,
Detroit Metro Caregivers
Ferndale, Michigan

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